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Affirmations + Subliminals

  • Positive Thinking Master - Rockstar Affirmations If for some reason I am having a bad time and my mental monologue is going wild with pointing out how the things in my reality look right now, I just play this and then watch a bunch of silly, non serious youtube videos.
  • I am a creative Genius - Rockstar Affirmations Used when I have zero creativity. Again, play this under some silly youtube videos and "magically" i will get inspiration.
  • Courses I've Found

  • Graphic Design Tutorial For Beginners | Graphic Design (Full Course) Found 7.22. Almost a year old, not even a million views. God. It's exactly what it says it is. You find the fundamentals of certain things. I think I'm going to dedicate an hour a day of this to my graphic design tutorial.
  • Pay-What-You-Want Resources

  • Manifestation Journal V1.0Here's a journal I've been using. I've seriously used this for one month and I have gone farther in my manifestations than I have in the three years I've been studying! Check it out!